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DaS Garnelenchampionat 2018
This year there will be a shrimp contest in Sindelfingen (Germany).
Under the flag of the “Fisch&Reptil” on 30.November - 02. Dezember 2018, we and our partners will present a variety of the shrimps. With this contest we want to be an attraction for shrimp keepers and also show our hobby to the public.



Category 1
Neocaridina davidi (red and brown variants)
*For example: Red Fire/Cherry, Red Sakura, chocolate Sakura

Category 2
Neocaridina davidi (black, dark blue and geen variants)

*For example: Blue Dream, Green Jade, Black Sakura

Category 3
Neocaridina davidi (light blue, yellow, orange)

*For example: Blue Jelly, Orange Sakura, Yellow Fire

Category 4:
Neocaridina davidi (Rili and backstroke)

*For example: Red Rili, Carbon Rili, Orange Rili, Yellow Fire with backstroke, Green Jade with backstroke

Category 5
Tiger shrimps

*For example: Tiger OE, black Tiger, red Tiger


Category 6
Different of serrata-groupe

*For example: Aura Blue, Tüpfel, Tangerine, Galaxy, Yellow King Kong

Category 7
 Red Bee & Black Bee

*For example: all Grades

Category 8
Super Crystal Black & Super Crystal Red

*For example: all Grades

Category 9
Blue Bolt, Red Bolt, Snow White and Steel

*For example: all grades including snow white rili and red or blue steel

Category 10
Red Shadow Bee

*For example: all Grades from banded till full Red

Category 11
Black Shadow Bee

*For example: all Grades from banded till full Black

Category 12
red and black pinto, multistripe

*For example: belly line, spotted starting with 4 double-spots 

Category 13

*For example: all variants (no shadow)

Category 14
Taitibee, Backline,Auratai

*For example: phenotype shadowbee


Category 15
new colours and pattern of bee shrimp and tiger shrimp and all crossbreeds

*For example: surprise us



Acceptance and safe-keeping of registration data
Your registration as a competitor can only be carried out at http://www.das-championat.de/. The completed registration is automatically sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You will get an email to attest your registration. Mr Johannsen keeps a list of all competitors and the categories entered. The list is not accessible to any other member of the organizational team. The participation fee will be paid via Paypal into the bank account of the shimp contest. It will not be possible to view any other information of relevance to the competition through the transfer of the deposit.

Allocation of competition tanks
After the application deadline the team will allocate the number of tanks for each category, based on the registrations received. Each show group must be kept in a separate transport bag. The transport bags must be inscribed with the following details: category, genus and, if applicable, the variant or grade. Please ensure these details are clearly legible and applied with a waterproof marker. The participant’s full name should NOT be on the transport bag. Shrimp deliveries may only be opened by the organizing committee, which consists of Sebastian Johansen, Alena Hein and Kai Riediger. Should you wish to deliver your show group in person, please make sure that the transport bag is handed only to a member of the organizing committee. The personal delivery will be receipted. The organizing committee will then tell the helpers of the shrimp contest which tank to put that particular show group in. This guarantees that no helper knows to whom any show group belongs. Mr Johannsen, as a specialist and the competition chairman, will check that the shrimps brought in actually belong to the relevant group. Should problems such as missing or wrong labelling arise and no correct allocation be possible, the shrimps will be displayed in separate tanks outside the competition floor with no possibility of being judged. The desicion that the shrimps will not beeing judged will be taken from the complete organizing committee.

Appointment of jurors
The jurors will be appointed by the competition chairman, Sebastian Johannsen. The allocation of jurors to the competition groups is carried out by the organizing committee (Sebastian Johannsen, Alena Hein and Kai Riediger). This will ensure that no juror judges a group in which he himself or a member of his family has an entry. To ensure the neutrality of the jurors and to avoid manipulation or bribing, the names of the appointed jurors will not be published beforehand. The organizing committee will endeavour to appoint an even mixture of national and international jurors.

Judging procedure
A show group consists of three to five shrimps to allow for an assessment of the standard of breeding achieved. The best three invertebrates in a show group are compared with each other by the jury (two jurors in each group) with the help of a points system. 

1. Colour and intensity of colour:
1.1 Carapax
1.2 Pleon
1.3 Extremities
1.4 Tail

2. Marking:
2.1 Carapax
2.2 Pleon
2.3 Extremities
2.4 Tail

3. Body:
3.1 Size
3.2 Deficit

4. Shape, health and vitality:
4.1 Size relative to each other
4.2 Markting to each other
4.3 Color to each other

Categories 1 to 14 will be each be assessed by two judges, who will not themselves be allowed to exhibit in this category (family members are also excluded). Each show group will be judged according to the points system listed above. The tanks are of course anonymous. The two point jurors are not expected to determine any order of merit.

Category 15 will be given special treatment. Since new hybrids or variants can only partly be judged according to the normal criteria, three special prizes for innovative breeding achievements will be awarded here by a sponsor with the assistance of the organizing committee.

Once the points have been awarded, if there is a draw (in the higher placing) in one category, three other point jurors, who may not themselves have exhibited in the relevant category, will decide the first three places in the category in question.

Those sets of shrimp that have won the most points in their respective group are ranked separately in a personal list by all jurors (who do not have shrimp on display).  From these rankings, the winner of show will be determined.

If there are obviously diseased shrimps in a show group the complete group will be excluded from the competition. As organizers, we are obliged under the Animal Welfare Act to the exclusion of shrimps.

Deformations are not among the diseases, so the continue to be treated with point reduction.

The shrimp will be judged before the fair starts. Thus the judges can work without disturbances, and all the visitors can have a look at the show shrimp all Friday, Saturday and Sunday long. This is to avoid them being distracted from their task. Visitors can vote on the public’s favourite on Friday, Saturday and SUnday. All votes cast that carry the name and full address of the voter will be entered in a draw for a prize, which will be presented directly at the event (Friday and Saturday at 4 p.m.). Should the winner not be present or able to collect his prize, a new winner will be drawn. The voting can be done till sunday 12 a.m.

Evaluation of the public’s favourite and the jurors’ points will be carried out by the organizing committee.

After the evaluation, the winners of the different categories will be announced on the exhibition area and on the website. The names of the jurors for the individual categories will also be announced.

Entry conditions
Any individual owning shrimps that come within one of the 15 accepted categories may participate in the competition. Companies may NOT participate in group 1, 2, 3 and 4. Person with small commercial can take part in each category.

Category entry
A participant could present max. fifteen show groups in all categorys.

Registration deadline
Registration must be completed on the website www.das-championat.de by 16th November 2017.

Number of shrimps per group
A show group consists of three to five adult shrimps. The minimum size is 1,2cm. If there are more than three shrimps per group, the three best ones will be judged.

Entry fee
An entry fee of € 12.- per show group will be charged provided the shrimps are handed over for auctioning in favour of the shrimp contest after the competition. The proceed will be split, 50% for the championship and 50% will go to the participant.
Important: A cash payment locally is not carried out . The settlement will take place after the championship by Paypal or bank transfer .

An entry fee of € 20.- will be charged to register each show group if the owner intends to take them back after the competition.
An entry fee of €20.- will be charged to register each show group if the owner intends to get them back per shipment. Return shipment costs an extra charge of €10 .- per participant (not per show group). The delivery charges have to be payed by participant too.

Dealing with shrimps after the competition
When completing the registration process for the competition you must state (by selecting the appropriate box on the form) whether or not the shrimps are to be donated for auctioning in favour of the shrimp contest. Those that are not to be auctioned must be collected in person on the Sunday between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm. Alternatively, the owner must contact the organizing team and arrange the collecting details with them in advance. An authorized representative may also collect the shrimps upon production of written authorization plus a copy of the registered participant’s identity card. Any shrimps that are not collected will automatically become the property of the shrimp contest and will be sold. No reimbursement of the higher entry fee is possible.

If the participant has chosen to get the shrimps back per shipment, there have to be a payed shipping mark in the packet in which the shrimps are delivered to the contest. We only accept the company “DHL” or animal- transportation for shipment. The packet in which the shrimps are delivered to the contest has to be constituted for a return shipment. A heatpack or other extras have to be in the packet for return shipment too. If the conditions for shipment are unfulfilled, the shrimps become property of the T shrimp contest. The shrimp contest assumes no liability for the shipment.

Exclusion of liability
The organizer is not responsible for any loss, illness or failure of shrimp during transportation or during the exhibition period.

All shrimps in the competition that have not expressly been ruled out of the auction at the time of registration, will be included in the auction on the Sunday. Any shrimps that were excluded from the auction but have not been collected by 6:00 pm on the Sunday will become the property of the shrimp contest and will be sold. The money resulting from such sales will serve to cover the shrimp contest´s costs for the competition. Any surplus will revert to the shrimp contest. The auction will take place on 02th December 2018. A comprehensive list of the shrimps to be put up for auction will be issued to accompany the event. Shrimps bought at auction must be paid for at once in cash. There is no right of any kind to return or exchange the goods. At the end of the auction helpers will place the shrimps purchased in the course of the auction in waterproof transport bags, with a thermal outer cover if necessary, and hand them over to the purchaser. All purchasers of auctioned goods should themselves make arrangements for appropriately insulated transport since it is cold at that time of year.

Premature end of registration period
A maximum of 150 show tanks is available for the shrimp contest 2018. Entries for the competition are accepted in their order of arrival. The registration period ends on 16th November 2018, but may be terminated ahead of this date if the maximum number of show groups is reached earlier.

Shrimp deliveries by airfreight, regular freight carriers, parcel services, DHL: delivery no later than Thursday 29th november 2018, 11 am, to:


c/o Messe Sindelfingen GmbH & Co. KG
DaS Garnelenchampionat
Mahdentalstraße 116
71065 Sindelfingen

Phone: +49 (0)173/3667445 

You must include this telephone number when sending entries by freight carrier or airfreight.
Participants from outside Germany must note on the box that it does not contain any protected species, only unsolicited gifts of no commercial value. Shrimp entered for the competition can also be handed over at the exhibition site (only to the three members of the organization team) up to 11 am on Thursday 29th november 2018 at the latest. It cannot be guaranteed that any shrimp arriving after this time will be judged.

Important: The judgement will be done on thursday afternoon/evening!

Please pack your shrimps well. Although we endeavour to place all shrimps in the show tanks as soon as possible, this can take some time when dealing with large numbers at once. The transport bags must be inscribed with the following details: category, genus and, if applicable, the variant or grade. Please ensure these details are clearly legible and applied with a waterproof marker. Your name should NOT be written on the transport bags. Write your name and address only on the package exterior or include a letter with your name and address inside your package.

Show tank specification
150 aquariums with a gross volume of approx. 10l are being made available for the competition. The show groups will be presented in these, ordered according to category. The water parameters will be maintained within acceptable limits for the different categories.

For every category will be used a suitable substrate for shrimp.

Individual lamp (daylight bulb) integrated into the cover or mounted above the cover panel.

Air-driven sponge filter, motor filter.

Water quality
Soft or medium hard water with a pH approaching neutral.

The tanks will be numbered consecutively. Following judging, each tank will be labelled with the category, the breeder’s name and the number of points awarded or the placement.

Official photographs will be taken of the show groups. The organizers will hold the copyright of these photos, which will be made available for publishing in magazines, etc. We are planning to present the winners of the competition at least in the appropriate print media and on internet sites. Visitors may take photos of all the invertebrates on display. No manipulation with fingers, sticks or similar objects is permitted in the tanks. Only the official photographers appointed by the organizing committee may be permitted some careful manipulation by means of clean wooden skewers. The organizing team is obliged to prevent any manipulation by visitors. If you have any questions, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Drafted on 17th march 2018.









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